Speech by Julie Chamagne at a rally in support of Abdoulkader Abdi, on the occasion of the Justin Trudeau Town Hall in Lower Sackville. Abdoul Abdi is a Somali refugee who fell through the cracks and faces immanent deportation to either Somalia or Saudi Arabia. He has ties with neither country. You can help.

El Jones provides this quick update on Abdoul Abdi, the refugee who is at high risk of deportation to Somalia or Saudi Arabia, even though he has lived in Canada since he arrived here as a young boy. The speed at which they are moving suggests they are prioritizing deportation over all other issues, and despite the severe human rights issues in this case, they are pushing forward.

From Bill Swan’s excellent Faces of Pharmacare website we feature the story of a Nova Scotia woman faced with a $3500 monthly bill for the life saving medications she needs. In her case a solution was found in the end, but “I succeeded because I was determined, persistent and angry enough to take action. I knew how to explain my case. I knew how to write convincing letters. I’d been a bureaucrat and a consultant. Many people are too sick to advocate together with their doctors; many people are intimidated by the system; they know it is not fair but feel powerless to influence decisions.”

The Community Agenda for Social Assistance Adequacy and Reform was developed by a network of first voice, social justice workers and allies who have demanded an overhaul of the social assistance program here in NS. The group wants the rates raised immediately and it lists a nine-point blueprint to reform the system. They’ve given the government until Jan. 15 to respond, but the initiative needs as many voices and supporters for this action. If you are interested in learning more and becoming an ally to this progressive change please contact the people listed at the bottom of the document.

A letter by the coordinator of Women’s Centers Connect expressing support for a broad coalition of community groups who want Community Services to increase income assistance benefits and engage in meaningful consultation.Community Services Connect is an association of the nine community-based women’s centres in Nova Scotia.