Heritage Day in NS is also a “retail closing day” which means that almost all stores excluding drug stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, and gas stations must remain closed. If there is a union where you work, you will be paid for this holiday. However if there is no union, it’s a little more tricky. Don’t just assume your boss knows. In this article Judy Haiven explains exactly what you are entitled to.

Judy Haiven on everything you need to know about tips in Nova Scotia restaurants and bars. Some pretty awful stuff going on. Learn about dine’n’dash funds, breakage fees, percentages for the boss, and did you know that many restaurants and bars in Halifax in fact charge servers just to work there?

If you worked on Monday, Natal Day, and thought you’d be entitled to holiday pay, think again. Frequent contributor Judy Haiven explains the ins and outs of “retail closing days” or statutory holidays and what that means for you if you work in a store or restaurant.