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Rent vacant North End condos to local residents, demonstrators say

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax). About 30 North End residents rallied at a condo sales office on Agricola Street. Expensive condos are causing rents and real estate prices to go up, pushing long time residents out of their own neighborhood.

Many condominium units remain unsold and are standing empty. Why not rent out these units for a rent that local people can actually afford, the demonstrators say.

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“It’s unfair and we would like a fair share of the dice,”  Darryl King, co-chair of the North/Central Nova Scotia Acorn chapter, tells the Nova Scotia Advocate.

“People on modest incomes are affected by this influx of condos, and they should have a say in the development in their own neighborhood,” says King.  “I don’t have $299,000 to buy a condo.”

“Gentrification is reshaping the North End.  Halifax is no longer affordable. It’s becoming a city for the rich,” he says.




Units that cost $300,000 are out of reach for residents


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  1. Not just condos, affordable rents for the area. Outsiders of a certain ethnic community who do not live in the North End are making themselves rich by building and sitting on new developments that do nothing for the neighborhood. As well as abusive crook car dealers who destroy beautiful old houses to expand a car lot. And do they live in the North End? Of course not!

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