There will be a large rally for diversity in the Town of Amherst tomorrow. George Baker, the racist councillor who used the ‘n’-word will not be the focus of the rally, but his behaviour definitely was a wake-up call.

At least two years of long term care budget cuts are making their presence felt. Layoffs at the Port Hawkesbury Nursing Home are making it even harder to provide proper care to its residents, says the president of the affected CUPE local. And Port Hawkesbury is only one of the many long term care facilities and nursing homes affected by the cuts.

The 2007 decision not to approve the Whites Point Quarry in Digby Neck is still not entirely settled. Now the Canadian government is appealing a NAFTA decision that withholding environmental approval was unjustified. Let’s make sure that the government fights this case, rather than settle, there is too much at stake, says Gretchen Fitzgerald of the Sierra Club Atlantic.

This weekend’s featured video is a very good new documentary about the residents, First Nations people, fishers and naturalists fighting for a pristine Shubenacadie RIver and the rural lifestyle that made them settle in the community.

Kendall Worth, who struggles to make ends meet on social assistance, comes out in favour of an annual guaranteed basic income. Not surprising, if you see your benefits shrink, your special needs ignored and you have to face a patronizing bureaucracy on a daily basis.

“We know what we need to know, we know the solutions – and you have some choices to make.” Transcript of an excellent speech by Hannah Mills during the August 2016 rally outside a Liberal fundraiser on Gottingen Street hosted by MP Andy Fillmore, and with federal environment minister Catherine McKenna as the guest of honour.