Saturday, 16 December 2017
Poverty Weekend Video

Weekend video: Sylvia′s story

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – “There were more nights I had to go to sleep hungry, because I had to feed my kids.”  In this week’s Weekend Video, produced by Feed Nova Scotia,  Sylvia tells us what a life on income assistance is like in Nova Scotia, and how it affected her children.

Readers of the Nova Scotia Advocate may well be already familiar with Sylvia. In May we commissioned her to write Lives on welfare: It eats away at your very core.  It’s that post that so impressed the Feed Nova Scotia folks they wanted to make the video.

Feed Nova Scotia is the organization that coordinates the activities of 147 food banks and meal programs across the province. Here is how you can support them, and no, it’s not just money or food donations it is asking for.

The largest primary source of income category among households assisted by food banks in Nova Scotia continues to be Income Assistance, this year at 56.5%.

If you can, please support the Nova Scotia Advocate so that it can continue to give voice to people we don’t hear about very often, and to cover issues such as poverty, racism, exclusion, workers’ rights and the environment in Nova Scotia. A pay wall is not an option since it would exclude many readers who don’t have any disposable income at all. We rely entirely on one-time donations and a tiny but mighty group of kindhearted monthly sustainers.




  1. Doesn’t she deserve the same help given to refugee families? How about a free gym pass to kick start her self esteem? There’s a job out there somewhere for her and she needs help getting the right one.

  2. This situation really bothers me. She obviously has lots of skills and talents, as demonstrated by this video. I worked on day care and residential care settings where she would be a real asset. What about her former partner, is he an ok guy , just staying away because he doesn’t have money. He could babysit so she could do shift work and make a real difference in his kids life. Don’t let her wake up some day and find she has no CPP benefits or a nest egg to help her kids in an emergency.


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