Tuesday, 23 October 2018
Inclusion Media release

News release: Donate to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia this December

This December, consider giving to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia. Your donations will go directly to programs that support women who are incarcerated or are at risk of criminalization.

You can donate at:

The Elizabeth Fry Society Mainland Nova Scotia addresses the criminalization of women and girls in Mainland Nova Scotia through:

— Providing one-on-one outreach to women and girls in prison and jail.
— Providing extensive, rehabilitative programs for women and girls in prison and jail.
— Delivering comprehensive programming and services to women in our communities at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.
— Providing housing options through Holly House, our 8-unit transitional housing facility.
— Offering support and coordination for long-term housing options.
— Encouraging public awareness and understanding of issues related to women involved in the criminal justice system
— Addressing systemic failures and the root cause of criminalization.

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia helps hundreds of women each year, with just three full-time staff and a team of volunteers. By donating, you will be contributing directly to programs and supports for some of our community’s most vulnerable women.

Please consider making a donation today.


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