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Media release: It’s time for healthy homes in Dartmouth: Nova Scotia ACORN members rally to demand repairs and respect from Metcap!

When: April 13th at 11.30am Where: 15 Kennedy Drive, Dartmouth

DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA — Tenants of 15 Kennedy Drive, and other allies, are rallying outside the Metcap-owned apartment on Friday to demand that the building manager and superintendents show tenants more respect.

After months, and even years, of neglect including leaking roofs, broken elevators, roaches, and other health and safety concerns, tenants say, “enough is enough”. Metcap must ensure that repairs are completed in an adequate timely manner, so that tenants can live in healthy, safe housing.

Building tenant Sarah says, “There are cockroaches, broken elevators, roof leaks, window leaks, toilet leaks, no water, and many other issues. We deserve better and we will fight for better. We welcome everyone to come out and support our cause.”

ACORN’s 2017 survey of 346 tenants across Nova Scotia found that almost 90% of respondents had an issue in their unit, including ventilation problems, unfinished repairs, and a lack of weatherproofing. Over 70% of respondents did not know about by-laws or services in place to protect tenants.

ACORN members demand:

  • Adequate safety inspections by the City;
  • Timely completion of repairs;
  • Tenants receive the respect that they deserve in their buildings.

This rally is part of Nova Scotia ACORN’s larger campaign for Landlord Licensing. Landlord Licensing would require annual inspections of rental buildings and impose large fines on landlords who fail these inspections, ensuring that apartment buildings meet adequate living standards.

Contact Erin Bell at for more details.

Nova Scotia ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is an independent national organization of low and moderate income families with 2200 members across the Halifax Regional Municipality Region. ACORN has 113,000 members in 22 neighbourhood chapters across Canada. Our central purpose is to effectively represent and champion the interests of Canada’s low and moderate income urban citizens on the critical issues of social and economic justice.