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Metcap Living tenant: It’s been a nightmare since day one

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – In this video citizen-reporter and poverty activist Jodi Brown meets up with Sarah, a young woman who was in a bad spot when she asked Community Services for help. That help turned out to be a mixed blessing.

Sarah, who has a disability, was moved from a shelter that couldn’t accommodate her because of her disability, to a hotel, and then finally to an apartment in North Dartmouth owned by Metcap Living.

What should have been a happy ending soon turned out to be just the beginning of more misery. Leaking roofs, an elevator that doesn’t work, a broken toilet, the list goes on, Sarah says. A second video, also shot by Jodi, document some of these issues. You can check it out here. It’s bad.

Actually, it was so bad that Halifax councillor Tony Mancini noticed Jodi’s Twitter posts about Sarah’s problems and stepped in to help.

Some of the issues were finally addressed, but we are told others remain.

Tenants of 15 Kennedy Drive, and other allies, are rallying outside the Metcap-owned apartment on Friday to demand that the building manager and superintendents show tenants more respect. Check out the ACORN Nova Scotia press release.

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  1. While i had to wait months and years to have my bathroom fixed (tiles coming off shower wall/ rust etc)
    it was only when i mentioned to busy body tennant about following through on going to court because of managements lack of maintenance concerns
    the next day they fixed it. However i had to pee in a bucket because management could not/would not offer accomadadtions while work on bathroom was being done. Shame. i did not come forward until now to mention this but i am not happy with this so called service.
    this company also doesn’t mind raising rents and having people pay 4.00 for one laundry load. wash and dry. (only 2 small washers and 2 small dryers for 23 separate units.
    there business is certainly not olympic.

  2. 15 kennedy drive in dartmouth nova scotia. Is the land of all slums. The people who run the building don’t give a shit about the tennents. I’ve been telling them about the cockroaches in my apartment for the past 2 years. They tell me they are gonna have someone come in and spray. On the day it was suppose too happen. I stayed home from work so I could show them where the problem was at most of the time…… no one came. Metcap does nothing but lie. They only care about the money. Not the Tennent. Don’t move in with Metcap.

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