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News release: Council of Canadians outraged after BP spill offshore Nova Scotia

BP reported today that it spilled 136 000L of drilling mud offshore Nova Scotia during the first of seven of its ultra deepwater wells. The Council of Canadians has been raising the many severe risks of this project for years.

“BP is drilling at unprecedented depths, and we have warned of the risks,” says Angela Giles, Atlantic regional organizer. “Today marks only two months since BP started drilling, and already there has been a significant spill. This synthetic drilling mud is dense and likely is sitting on the bottom of the ocean, smothering sea life on the sensitive and economically important Scotian Shelf. This is an example of what can happen when our governments let irresponsible companies do irresponsible projects that threaten our environment and economy. Industry experts have warned that the risk assessment for this project is invalid and doesn’t appropriately account for the many risks of ultradeep offshore drilling.”


Angela Giles, Atlantic Regional Organizer, Council of Canadians




  1. There should have been three ‘irresponsible’ s. The first one should have been in front of ‘governments’!

  2. to knowingly or intentionally cause harm, loss, or injury, without a lawful excuse is CRIMINAL. (making profits of fraudulently created virtual ” money” at the expense of the environment we all share in COMMON, is NOT A LAWFUL EXCUSE ! )

  3. They haven’t even hit oil yet and there already screwing things up! This was a horrible idea from the start and must be stopped before they do more damage, the rest of the ocean is bad enough already this shits got to end

  4. First mistake is Bp, second is the rig they have working the project . Third is the CNLOPB here in NS is useless. Send me out to carry on inspections on the rig . I have spend 10 years working on these and I bet I would find lost of faults and things they should be doing different

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