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PSA: Financial appeal for striking restorative justice workers

Caseworkers at the Community Justice Society are heading into week 4 of their strike demanding that wage fairness be respected. The five employees, members of CUPE  4764, have asked us to put out a call for financial support.

Perhaps you will consider adopting a striker with a set weekly donation. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Cheques can be made out to:

“CUPE Local 4764 Strike Fund”

and sent to:

Strike Headquarters:

9-2429 Brunswick Street

Halifax NS, B3K 2Z4


Employee caseload has increased almost 150 per cent since the restorative justice option, previously for youth, was expanded to include adult offenders in 2016. Local 4764 President Denise Russell says “We are passionate about the work that we do, but our workload has increased without any corresponding increase in compensation or resources. As a result, staff turnover is extremely high.”

The community justice program is considered a jewel in the crown of Nova Scotia’s justice system, says Rao. “With other jurisdictions across the country looking to follow our example,” he adds, “it makes sense that our government would want to show justice to its employees.”

The employees have been without a contract since April 2016, and took a strike vote in May, which passed unanimously.

“Restorative justice is about taking responsibility and being accountable for your actions,” says Russell. “Exactly what this government is not doing.”

Together We Are Stronger!

In solidarity,

Danny Cavanagh, President, NS Federation of Labour