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False accusations and violent arrest by Halifax police lead to injuries, Black woman reports

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KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Yesterday a young Black woman posted on Facebook about a violent arrest by Halifax police officers after she was falsely accused of shoplifting at the Mumford Road Walmart.

Here is her story, in her own words. 

Also on Facebook poet and activist El Jones writes how the woman assured her that she did not steal a thing and offered to show receipts. Police have charged her with resisting and assaulting police.

Just a week ago we published a quick story about ongoing police brutality targeting the Black community. A young woman wrote on Facebook how she witnessed needlessly aggressive cops conduct a traffic stop and arrest a fully cooperative Black man, drawn revolvers and screaming insults and all.

In that same story we also referenced the brutal use of a stun gun on a Black man in his sixties, and already on the ground, on Quinpool Road in November, and the subsequent youth rally at the Gottingen police headquarters.

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We have been hearing stories like these coming from the Black community for ever, but nobody with power to change this ever listens.

There will be a rally on Friday January 17, at 5 PM , at the Mumford Road Walmart.

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  1. I hope he gets what he dished out to this poor woman the cops think they can do anything to people and get away with it he should get fired but Instead he will get a slap on the wrist and still have a job doing it to more people like this lady cops that do that is just as bad as criminals doing it if not worse

    1. HRP have been doing this stuff to all innocent races, black , white and every other race for a long time, this time they got caught. This isn’t the 1st time, it won’t be the last

  2. Has she set up a GoFundMe for the legal expenses yet? If so, link so we can share.

    (Also to cover her lost wages due to injuries)

  3. I would do a civil suit against them and go after their pension. Holding them personally responsible. The taxpayer should no longer have to endure the cost of lawsuits from Human and Civil Rights Violations.

  4. They should go to jail for what they did. We are not living in the stone age here the police need to learn just because they have a sheld it dont mean that there above the law

  5. I hope she Sue’s these assholes because cops think they can get away anything these days fuck the police I feel so bad for this young mom what s sin and for her kids to see this as well they must have been so scared so sad 💔 I hope justice is served 😢

  6. I hope these cops are held accountable. Walmart also needs to be held accountable they are just as guilty if she had receipts and offered to let them search her stroller they obviously called cops. Are people supposed to shop at your store and then be questioned at the door and accused of being thieves.

  7. I like to attend the rally in support for this young mom. Her little babies to watch all that will leave them with fear of cops. Hopefully they will not remember.

    As far as Walmart goes due their fucking asses!!! As far as the HRP go sue these fuckers too! I’m in support of her scratching his face I may have done same.
    These cops are bunch of pussies!! You need 6 cops to arrest 1 lady??? Omg I’m furious over this.

    I hope you get some justice! Sue their asses especially Walmart for causing all of this. Even if she was stealing then there’s a better way to approach her once she gets outside! There’s no theft while still in the store. She had receipts too.
    I’m not one for racial profiling because some will use it to their advantage but regardless black or white no one deserves this kind of brutality!
    I hope the cops involved are charged Cops in Halifax have already proven they’re more crooked than the crooks lol
    Love to see these cops out of uniform walk through the projects without their guns lol And hear them squeal while the boys taze and beat them!
    Girl you get these people and sue for a large amount of 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 you deserve it!!!

  8. It’s my Facebook status and I will continue to share it: Imagine…. imagine being that woman who was shopping with her two small children. She did not leave the store with stolen goods even if she concealed them it’s not wrong until you leave the store! I have been a parent putting items in my stroller. She did nothing wrong until she was put in a situation that she had no choice but to defend herself. HRP releases a statement that she was charged with causing a disturbance…. WTF! I would beg someone to profile me and accuse me of stealing while still in a store, then leave marks on my body the way the marks were left on her—- IN FRONT—- of my small children! One would think a police officer would have better training to diffuse a situation. Now to release a statement that the officer had to be treated for minor injuries… come on! So HRP can now walk up to someone, antagonize them to the point they lose control, then charge them with causing a disturbance because they defended themselves. They didn’t walk up to anyone they walked up to a woman shopping with her young children. People need to be aware that this is a much bigger issue than that of Walmart and HRP… a series of bias and prejudice thoughts had to take place before the police were even called. If you’re someone who thinks that this was right- if that there was more to the story than just your opinions, enlighten me now. I’m raising my black daughters to be kind and accepting but this world is showing them that they are assumed to be thieves and a disturbance because the colour of their skin holds a stigma. There is nothing right about this, right down to this statement of stupidity released by HRP.

  9. why was she stopped and questioned before she even attempted to leave the store…and where were her children during the struggle with the cops….

  10. It is 2020 now and this crap has been going on for far too long. Instead of the police solving all of the unsolved homicides in our city, they focus on a single mom with children who apparently did nothing wrong but had to endure unexceptable physical abuse from the people who are supposed to keep us safe! There is no excuse for this and it needs to stop! The community needs to start rallying together to if nothing else put the HPD on the hot seat. Who do they think they are? Just because they have a badge with a high school education I might add, they are not above the law and def should be held accountable for their bs actions. Go solve real crimes rather than beat up on single mothers with children. And boo f’in hoo for the asshole who got some scratches on his /her face! Our police are an absolute embarrassment to our city!

  11. Walmart needs shaken up everywhere. People are being falsely accused for stealing when they have receipts but the ones who are stealing are their own management. I have seen it here where I am living.

  12. I feel for the children, to have to witness these bad people hurting their mother. Walmart Mumford road is bad for targeting people and racial profiling. The security at the store are a bunch of goons. They play a game of cat and mouse with shoppers. Some of them are bouncers. This poor women needs to be supported by the larger community. I can feel the fear in that room. Bunch of bullies, and for what? The biggest retailer in the world coyld have the best security to deal with these matters, not a pack of wolves. Walmart is known worldwide for bullying behaviors toward staff and customers. Take a stand shoppers boycott Walmart. Do we even want their cheap consumer goods from China. The Human Rights Commission should be all over this.

  13. Happened to a friend of mine as well, Hrp threw him on the ground without reading rights stomped on his head till unconscious and tazed him.

  14. We still live in a society where the Black people are still considered 3/5 of a person.
    I have lived all over this country and this province is the worst for racism.
    There’s enough blame to go around here. The Walmart employee who called the police on a bogest alleged crime and the police who responded by exercising with extreme force ( considering the situation) racism and the abundance of officer that responsed to the call.
    I feel really bad for this young lady who had to endure this and for her children who witnessed first hand their mother being accusted, which I’m sure was tramarizing. What do you think they will feel towards the HRP when they grow up? To me that’s the biggest issue.

    If the norm happens to those officers, which in many cases is nothing, then more dramatic action needs to happen.

    I hope this young black woman gets what she deserves and her children helped. Too many times our young black children are witnessing these acts from the police, they are damaged now because of it.
    As far as the officers are concerned, They deserve much more than a slap on the wrist.

    I’m upset that I had to write this statement, I’m sure its troubling to those who believe in equality.

  15. Bycott Walmart. Simply hit them where it hurts. The cash register.
    Those bogus charges will go nowhere because the police could have diffused the situation but instead they choose to escalate it to justify what they did to this poor innocent woman with two babies. HRM will pay for what those goon cops did. Those six police officers MUST BE FIRED.

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