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Danny Cavanagh: Workers need job and income protections

Are you a worker in Nova Scotia? Take a minute and help us get better protections for all workers in the midst of this pandemic. We keep hearing from the government that workers will be protected, but those promises are short on actions, like legal protection for your job and income security.

Many precarious and full-time workers are afraid to speak out on workplace issues. We can be your voice.

We will make sure the government understands that workers need help, they need income and job protection. Many workers are facing layoffs while others are working hard on the front lines.

It’s time for governments to do better for all workers. We need more than lip service about paying bills and putting food on the table.

Support our work to protect workers and sign-on now.


Over the next while we will be doing more to ensure more workers’ issues are brought to the forefront. It’s workers like you that keep businesses going and it’s time you get the needed protection you deserve.

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  1. I am here in Truro, and many of the local manufacturing plants are still open. What they make isn’t what I’d call essential, but they keep workers there, workers which believe staying six feet apart, maybe, will keep them safe. I chose not to start a job with one because I listen to what I am told in times like these.

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