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PSA: NS Feminists Fighting Femicide statement on the inquiry into the mass shooting


Nova Scotia Feminists Fighting Femicide Statement on the Mass Shooting We demand an end to male violence against women and girls! 

Nova Scotia, July 29th 2020 – As Nova Scotia Feminists Fighting Femicide (FFF) we were among the first community voices to request an independent public inquiry with a feminist analysis into the worst mass shooting in Canada’s history. 

We stand in solidarity with the families and the memory of 22 innocent people who lost their lives at the hands of one violent man. The voices of the families and Nova Scotians have been heard with the federal provincial announcement of a public inquiry. This is a success. 

As feminists we insist there will be a gaping hole in the inquiry on future prevention unless components of a feminist analysis are included in the mandate of the inquiry, because: 

• A critical examination of the misogyny in the police culture and its impact on responding to reports of male violence against women, including on strangulation, stalking, and femicide which are rooted in attitudes and actions of misogyny will be missed. 

• If the inquiry focus is solely on the killer’s violent actions and mass shootings, confronting the misogyny the leads to male violence against women and girls in all Nova Scotia communities will not occur. 

• There is the necessity to make a firm connection between mass shootings, distinguishing femicide from homicide, and misogynistic male violence against women and children. 

Our two demands are: 

• A feminist analysis is essential. There are almost 8000 signatures on a petition. 

• An additional commissioner with feminist expertise on misogyny, male violence against women and femicide 

Working together in prevention will bring more caring to Nova Scotia 

Signed: Linda MacDonald; Jeanne Sarson; Bernadette MacDonald; Pam Rubin; Lucille Harper; Johannah May Black, and Tara Reddick 

For more information contact: Linda MacDonald –; Jeanne Sarson –



  1. Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace affirms the utmost importance of the inclusion of a feminist analysis in the mandate of the inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting. We support and amplify the voices of Feminists Fighting Femicide.

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