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Press release: Come buy your treaty lobster at Province House



#HonourTheTreaties #AmendTheAct #WeAreAllTreatyPeople  

ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 AT 12:00 PM, lawfully caught Mi’kmaw livelihood lobster will be  sold to Nova Scotians, as fellow treaty beneficiaries, in front of Province House during  Mi’kmaq History Month. 

Section 19(1)(b) of the Fish Buyers’ Licensing and Enforcement Regulations under  subsection 77(2) of the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act (‘the Act’) criminalizes the  purchase of fish caught by persons who do not hold a valid commercial fishing license  issued by Fisheries and Ocean Canada. This provision is unconstitutional since it excludes  Mi’kmaq from selling lawfully caught fish under the Peace & Friendship Treaties of 1760- 1761 and represents an infringement of their right to a livelihood, as affirmed by the  Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Simon (1986) and R. v. Marshall (1999). Without access to  a market to sell and trade treaty fish, Mi’kmaw cannot sustain themselves, their families, or  their communities, and Section 35 of the Constitution affirming the inherent and treaty  rights of Aboriginal peoples is negated. 

The Act must be amended to if Nova Scotia is to fulfill the constitutionally protected treaty  rights of Mi’kmaq and Canadians to sell and buy fish, respectively. We call on the Province  to nullify section 19(1)(b) of the Fisheries Buyer’s Licensing and Enforcement Regulations in  accordance with the Marshall decision which found that the Mi’kmaq possess a legal right  to fish and trade outside of the Department of Fisheries & Oceans licensing regime.

The ongoing legal discrimination against Mi’kmaw fisherpeople must end. Conversely,  Canadians possess a treaty right to buy Mi’kmaw-caught fish, yet the current Act disallows  their participation in Mi’kmaw fisheries. Canada must fulfill its fiduciary duty to Indigenous  peoples by honoring the treaties, in the spirit of peace, friendship, and reconciliation.  Amend the Act.



  1. How can I order Miq~Maw Lobster?
    I am a native in Rankin Inlet Nunavut. I would like to order frozen Miq~Maw caught lobster ASAP

  2. How can I order and buy your lobster?

    I’m not treaty or indigenous or status in any way and would welcome the authorities to come charge me for this so we can challenge this in court.

    I’m in Kitchener Ontario and would happily purchase your lobster.

    In NO way does the actions of the Nova Scotia fishermen represent the sentiment of your fellow Canadians. These local troublemakers are ignorant, selfish criminals. And if the RCMP doesn’t act, then the police force should be defunded.

    Sell me your lobster, and let’s start a legal challenge.

  3. I’m a non-Indigenous person in Alberta, and I would very much like to support the M’ikmaq fishermen. Is it possible to buy their lobster?

  4. I am non indigenous Canadian living in Orleans Ontario and want to buy lobster from M’ikmaq fishers in support. Is it possible to have some shipped?

  5. I’m also a non-indigenous person who lives in Alberta and Would like to buy M’ikmaq lobster directly. I know there are many direct boat to table online options and would like to support this. Is it possible?

  6. hello! has anyone been able to order? i am seeing restaurants in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal boycotting lobster in solidarity with Mi’kmaq peoples, but I’m sure they would also be eager to buy from the folks they support :~)

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