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Open letter to Halifax Council: Motoring willingly to climate disaster

To all  Council members and  Mayor Savage, 

Why motor willingly to climate disaster? How is purchasing 130 diesel buses consistent with a climate emergency and evidence based decision making, that were declared unanimously by council?

Difficult times demand difficult decisions. I hope Council will  continue to decide to make those difficult decisions in the name of racial justice and climate justice. The courageous actions that brought HalifAct 2050 to the table and made a public commitment to clean emissions  by switching to clean reliable energy sources is an example of essential boldness and commitment to the climate catastrophe.  

We have taken halfway measures before and that’s why our grandchildren will suffer the mess we leave.  Diesel buses are not a switch to clean reliable energy.  The Ecology Action Centre gently expressed their ‘disheartened’ response to ‘your’ ( and it is your – each of you) decision to purchase a diesel fleet. Politicizing the future of those that follow our footsteps goes beyond disheartening and approaches the outrageous. Allowing staff to nix the electric bus trial is hypocritical and saddles HRM with unusable and unsellable buses for decades.  Take action to restore public trust in decisions made at your table. 

in peace and friendship

kathrin winkler

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