Labour Media release

News release: Workers shouldn’t be left out in the cold as the second wave of COVID 19 comes ashore

Nova Scotia Federation of Labour President Danny Cavanagh is calling on the McNeil Liberals to amend Nova Scotia’s Labour Standards Code to include at least ten paid sick days.

“On May 25 of this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised he would work with the provinces to ensure that all workers in Canada have ten paid sick days and we have heard nothing from the province on protecting workers as a second wave starts to hit our province.

“COVID will worsen as Christmas approaches and without paid sick days and strong worker protections enshrined in law, families will struggle. Workers shouldn’t need to be worried about losing their jobs if they are unable to work because a public health order tells them to stay home,” says Cavanagh.

The Canada Labour Code only applies to Federal workers, and that is why we need changes to provincial Labour Standards. Workers need to know they will be protected when they miss work because of COVID.

“All of us, including Dr. Strang and the Premier, are urging people to follow public health advice and stay home if they are unwell, which puts many people in a very unfair situation without paid sick days or job protections.

“Even the Premier pleaded with employers to allow workers to say home yesterday as he knows that many employers are telling their employees to come to work. We are urging our Provincial Government to amend Nova Scotia’s Labour Standards Code to protect workers’ jobs and provide paid sick days immediately,” says Cavanagh.