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PSA: Your landlord may owe you rent

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KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – After lots of public pressure the Nova Scotia government introduced a two percent cap on rental increases for existing tenants in late November of last year.

Landlords who raised the rent by more than 2% on or after September 1st will need to give that extra money back!

Nova Scotia ACORN, an organization that advocates for people on low incomes, has published a guide to tell renters that if your rent went up by more than 2% since September 1st your landlord may well owe you money.

So when do you qualify? 

If your rent increased by more than two per cent after September 1, 2020, your landlord will have to credit you the amount above the two per cent on your next rental payments. 

– If you’ve moved but paid the higher rent in September, October or November then your landlord will have to reimburse you the overpayment amount. 

– If tenants are not reimbursed by their January rental payment, they should make an application to the Residential Tenancies Program unless alternative arrangements have been made with their landlord. 

Check out the guide, or call the people at ACORN! 902-989-4261.

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