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Media release: Response to NS RCMP December 4 press release related to the Nova Scotia mass shooting

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 5, 2020 

Response to NS RCMP December 4, 2020 press release related to the Nova Scotia mass  shooting charging “three people in relation to providing the gunman with ammunition”  

This press release does not change the reality that: 

1. Brenda Forbes reported to the RCMP the gunman was inflicting violence against his  common law partner, including strangulation, and possessed illegal guns. Brenda Forbes  also stated the gunman stalked her and out of fear she and her husband fled Nova  Scotia. RCMP missed red flags of Brenda Forbes’s reports of the gunman’s violence  against his common law partner and the illegal guns. 

2. The gunman is responsible for his actions of killing 22 persons in a shooting rampage.

3. The NS RCMP state that the common-law partner had no prior knowledge of the  gunman’s plan for this shooting rampage. 

4. The RCMP culture includes rampant misogyny which led to missing the red flags.

5. The RCMP reported the gunman assaulted his common-law partner before he went on  to kill 22 people.  

6. Research on mass shootings show they often begin with an act of male violence against  women, are rooted in misogyny, and result in femicide and homicide, which can all be  prevented. 

7. Additional research discloses “forcing the victim to take part in criminal activity.” 8. Such charges can have a chilling effect on other women seeking help from police.  

We ask why the RCMP sent out such a press release and why are the RCMP refusing to  comment on their release? For example, there is a failure to explain if this ammunition was for  the guns in the shooter’s possession when Brenda Forbes reported the illegal guns to the NS  RCMP in 2013?  

It has been almost 8 months since the NS Mass shooting and now NS RCMP sends out this press  release which includes a charge against the common-law partner of the gunman. In this RCMP  press release there is no clear statement from the RCMP as to whether this ammunition has  any connection to the weapons the gunman used in the killings. In our opinion the NS RCMP  December 4, 2020 press release is like a smoke bomb causing chaos and confusion, a rise in  misogyny and victim-blaming. 

Nova Scotia Feminists Fighting Femicide  

For more information contact: Linda MacDonald; Jeanne Sarson; Pam Rubin


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  1. I an SO glad you did this !!

    Sure guys (and gals), lets just display an abused woman, for an extra dose of really public humiliation and pain ! It serves our needs.

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