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News release: African United Baptist Association stands alongside those incarcerated

The African United Baptist Association (AUBA) stands alongside all Nova Scotian prisoners especially those who are righteously protesting for justice at the local Burnside facility.

This AUBA is comprised of 19 historically Black churches in Nova Scotia. The AUBA has a distinguished history of serving black community Nova Scotia has played an important role in nurturing the spirit of not only the Black community. This organization is far more than a religious organization. It has served as a center for education opportunities, a trailblazer for social change, and a strong voice for hundreds of Black families throughout Nova Scotia.

The AUBA acknowledges struggles of the men and women who are on remand and/or serving time at all of our provincial and federal justice facilities. We also acknowledge the challenges of the men and women who work in various capacities in these facilities to ensure the safety of inmates and their colleagues.

Lana MacLean, Chair of the Social Action Committee of the AUBA stated, “The AUBA stands in agreement for an urgent need for policy, programming, and system change within our prisons. The overrepresentation of members of the ABC communities must be addressed.”

The AUBA supports the 10 points position the inmates at Burnside outlined in their statement to the wider community. Their ask of the State is reasonable. “We must be willing to ensure as a society that we treat all people with respect and dignity,” MacLean stated.

Contact: Lana MacLean, MSW, RSW SAC, Chair of the AUBA Social Action Committee