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Immigrant Migrant Women’s Association of Halifax calls on Nova Scotia and Ottawa to take on a feminist and intersectional lens to conduct a public inquiry into the mass shooting

The Immigrant Migrant Women’s Association of Halifax (IMWAH) adds its voice to the call for the provincial and federal governments to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the mass femicidal and homicidal killings of April 18th and 19th in Nova Scotia. 

We call on the Federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and Nova Scotia Justice Minister Mark Furey who will announce details of a “joint independent review” today to include a FEMINIST and INTERSECTIONAL analysis in any review of this mass shooting.

Taking on a feminist and intersectional analysis will bring a focus on interrogating misogynistic-based behaviours and violence against women. It will bring a focus on interrogating white privilege in policing, the RCMP and beyond.

Taking on a feminist and intersectional analysis in an independent public inquiry will be consistent with the present federal government’s adoption of feminist values, its recognition that women’s rights are human rights, its call to passionately defend the rights of women and girls, and its commitment to eliminate racism and discrimination.

IMWAH shares the deep concerns being expressed in our community k’jipuktuk (Halifax) and around the world against increasing gender-based violence and systemic racism. 

It has been said a number of times: There is no words to describe what the families, and each one of us, may be feeling over the loss of many lives in our province over this April weekend. 

Extreme violence is not new to Nova Scotia, we have lived it before. We feel profound sadness, but we also share the deep indignation other women feel at this moment because we know that this violence has its roots in a patriarchal, misogynist, and racist society. 

We reflect on our vision of a community where we can all belong and on our values of inclusion, diversity, respect, collaboration, gender equity and equality.