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News release: Prisoner Justice Day

You’re invited to celebrate Prisoner Justice Day on August 10th at the Halifax Commons. On this day every year, incarcerated and formally incarcerated people take the day to fast while prisoner justice advocates take the tie to discuss the significance of the day and what the current prison system has done and is doing and ways we can help.

This year we will be meeting to discuss the connection between mental health and prison, the alarming overrepresentation of Black and Indigenous people in prisons and introducing the various organizations that do prison abolition/reform and ways the greater community can help.

Focus: Gathering with a panel of formerly incarcerated people to discuss their experience in prison. This PJD, an emphasis on how mental health is greatly tied in with the justice system as well as a discussion surrounding how people are criminalized through poverty, racism, anti-indigenous sentiments, respectability politics, etc. highlighting the overrepresentation of women and women identifying Black and Indigenous people in prisons and how folks can support organizations that help formerly incarcerated people or the participants directly.

Location: Halifax Commons, 5816 Cogswell St, Halifax, NS B3H 2Z4

When: August 10th 5:30-7:30If folks have any questions, they can email us at