Letter to Minister Chuck Porter: “I am Sasha Fillmore, I am 14 years old. My brother Jacob Fillmore has been protesting for almost 4 months. He camped in a tent in the middle of winter. He has had rallies, petitions and he has even gone on a hunger strike for 23 days. If that isn’t enough to get your attention, I’d like to know what would.”

After occupying a Lands and Forestry office in Halifax, and her subsequent arrest, Kathrin Winkler writes an open letter to Minister Chuck Porter, the man in charge.

Well over 100 people gathered at the Halifax Law Courts on Lower Water Street this morning to send the message that Nova Scotians don’t like secretive deals turning a biologically rare coastal site into golf courses and resorts for rich people. “The golf course will never be built because if we don’t win in the courts, folks are going to sit on the roads to block those trucks from trying to create a golf course.”

Media release: Judicial Review applicants Bob Bancroft & Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association will have their day in court on Thursday. In solidarity with the applicants, the grassroots “Save Owls Head” Facebook group is organizing a gathering of supporters outside the Law Courts at 9:30 AM on April 1, 2021.

Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland at Law Amendments in response to the (severely watered-down) Biodiversity Act (Bill 4): “We implore you to do your job as policymakers and exercise the power given to you as public servants with pride, knowing you are acting in the best interests of all Nova Scotians, of the Living Earth. This act is the first of its kind in Canada. Let’s make Nova Scotia a leader in a time when such leadership is critical.”

Marian Whitcomb on the need for an undiluted Biodiversity Act. “Passing this act is not a path to government overreach. It is the only path to saving our forests from what is to come. If we give no one the responsibility and the authority to protect our greatest treasure…no one will do the hard stuff. Our traditional native food sources are diminishing fast, and not just in the forests.”