Of course we all should follow any orders to prevent the virus from spreading arising out of medical evidence, says Halifax lawyer Asaf Rashid. But it’s equally important that we’re vigilant about state overreach, like when we are no longer allowed in public spaces such as parks and trails.

Martyn Williams tackles the closures of pathways through places like Victoria Park and the Commons and the overeager enforcement by Halifax police. “It is absolutely the right thing to make sure our paths through parks can still be used for essential transport. The practice of fining people using them responsibly and safely for this purpose is completely unacceptable.”

Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia (SuNNS) is calling on the Minister of Environment Gordon Wilson, to approve the Municipality of the County of Colchester Regulations, regarding the French River Protected Water Area. SuNNS is also asking the Minister to honor the 1,000 signature petition, calling on the Provincial government to protect the French River Watershed and cancel the Warwick Mountain gold mining project.

Media release: The Twin Bays Coalition would like to thank Cermaq Canada for listening to, and hearing the overwhelming opposition expressed by Nova Scotians to open net pens in Nova Scotian waters.

Friends of Halifax Common has written to HRM Mayor and Council asking that they refuse the province’s latest proposal for a provincial parking garage for the Halifax Infirmary – which is to not build a 7-storey parkade on the south side of the Natural History Museum; but instead to build an 8-storey on the north side of the Museum; and, to join the Hospital to the new parking garage by way of a pedway above Summer Street.