Friday, 15 November 2019

Tenants of Harbour City Homes on Brunswick Street don’t know that their landlord is up to. Last summer the not-for-profit was forced to sell nine buildings and 34 affordable housing units were lost to the North End. Are things going better now? Having a seat on the Board of Directors would answer such questions, tenants suggest. Right now the company isn’t talking.

We know the friendship treaties between the Mi’kmaq and the Crown are important, but if you’re at all like me that’s probably where your knowledge ends. Now there is an excellent book that shows how treaty relationships have remained a vital part of the collective memory of the Mi’kmaq through time, and how and why the Mi’kmaw interpretation has slowly gained traction. That didn’t just happen, it took a lot of skillful and fearless effort.

Judy Haiven’s tribute to Phil Pacey, a founder of the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, and a fearless fighter for a liveable city. He died last Thursday.

This story / interview was originally published on the Halifax Media Co-op website in April 2014. We are running it again because it’s a necessary reminder that the Muskrat Falls development affects multiple marginalized groups in Labrador and it clearly addresses Nova Scotia’s complicity through the Maritime Link.

600 people have died of drug overdoses in Nova Scotia in the last 10 years, and we only know this because of a leaked email. Imagine the uproar if these deaths didn’t affect drug addicts but nice middle class people. Instead we have two levels of governments cutting subsidies to organizations that are trying to keep such deaths to a minimum.