What happens when a Mi’kmaw and settler university student share car rides on their way to university and other places? They talk, and the settler learns some hard lessons about colonial oppression, systemic racism and white privilege. “One Saturday afternoon when we happened to be together, Flo shared a very personal story about why she finds it difficult to eat when she is in a social food sharing situation.”

Kendall checks up on several folks we met before to see how they are holding up during the second lock down. Altogether a lot better!

The decision by front line workers at the Out of the Cold Community Association to unionize is mostly about making sure that the current positive working conditions continue, and maybe to offer a bit of an example to care sector workers elsewhere who aren’t as fortunate.

CAPREIT is making $1000/minute in profit and still refusing to repair the heat in the apartment buildings so tenants don’t freeze in their units. Tenants at Harbour View Towers are having a lobby meeting and rallying on Tuesday, December 15th to get CAPREIT to fix the heat and force the landlord to do capital repairs and maintenance – including pest treatment.

Letter: Many media reports over the years have indicated that there are a number of homeless individuals, some living in shelters across Canada, who once served in the Canadian Armed Forces and are now in need of housing, mental health services, jobs, retraining and other supports.