Claire and Jack Bennet reflect on the legacy of Jim Bennet, their grandfather and co-host of Singalong Jubilee, a wildly popular tv show in the sixties and early seventies. “First, and most simply, we learned that making music and singing are fun. It provides an escape into a joyous community of musicians united with one goal in mind: to sing, to enjoy music.”

Press release issued by the NS Arts Educators Society: “The Board of Governors’ decision to remove President Aoiffe Mac Namara from her duties at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design appears to deny her efforts to lead the University through systemic anti-racism changes. We believe this jeopardizes the future of the University’s reputation as a world leader in fine arts education,”

Media release: Through a secure online platform and with a secret ballot available from July 6-8, full and part time faculty, librarians and technicians at NSCAD University powerfully expressed their lack of confidence in the Board of Governors with 95.6% of members voting and 96.3% of those voting NO CONFIDENCE in the Board.

“Growing up with various medical conditions, I struggled with how society perceived my (dis) abilities and began documenting my experiences through poetry.”

We’re delighted to present this poem and photograph by Cara Jones, one of the five poems that were selected after we issued a call for poems earlier in the year.

Historian David Frank on Miners’ Houses, the painting of a Glace Bay townscape by Group of Seven painter Lawren Harris, now on a stamp. Harris visited Glace Bay in 1925, the same year striking miner William Davis was shot by company police. “Glace Bay is really no town, but a number of huddles of box-like houses around scattered coal mine mouths. . . . It’s drab and dreary and bedraggled even on a sunny day . . . “, Harris wrote at the time.