How to find Canada, how to believe again
it is where a freedom is rampant,
it is where it is worth what it takes
to rebuild the lives of those families
who somehow have managed to say,
“We can, and we will.”

A new poem by Truro poet Chad Norman, this one dedicated to El Jones.

Delighted to present Wash your hands after reading this poem, by Antigonish poet Nanci Lee, and with a gorgeous illustration by painter Leya Evelyn. This is the first of the poems we selected after our call for poems and illustrators earlier this year. We have some catching up to do, so expect more than one poem a month for the next little while.

Kate MacDonald writes about step parenting: In the beginning I did truly only sign up for one relationship. But I have operated through the lens of the next generation, truly here to kick ass. I love kids. I think they are the vibrancy and curiosity of community. I wasn’t fazed at the task. Little did I know what weight this would carry.

These are very difficult times for people who make their living in the arts sector in Nova Scotia. To do our tiny little thing to help, the Nova Scotia Advocate, in yet another bad business decision, commits to featuring (at least) one poem or piece of short fiction each month, for the next five months. And we pay.