The latest on the prosecution of journalist Justin Brake, and how you can help. Muskrat Falls may help our province meet its green energy targets, but at what cost? Brake’s reporting raised that uncomfortable question, and for doing so he deserves our support.

Unreliable drug and alcohol testing performed by an Ontario lab has caused the unwarranted break up of families, not only in Ontario, but very possibly in Nova Scotia as well. Community Services used the Motherisk lab for a hair strand test that has now been discredited in hundreds of cases. After a review, Ontario revisited every case where Motherisk evidence was used. Not here in Nova Scotia, though.

Educator Molly Hurd in the first of a two-part series on Bill 72 and the blessings and pitfalls of standardized testing. “I look at all standardized test results with healthy skepticism – they can be a useful diagnostic when well designed, but even low stakes tests on randomized samples are blunt instruments for measuring a school’s or program’s worth.”

As of today the Nova Scotia Advocate is pulling the plug on the email updates subscribers receive each time we post a new story. Instead, we will now send out a weekly digest, showing all the articles you might have missed that were published over the last week.

Shauna Swinimer writes on the realities of racism in Canada, and white people’s eagerness to change the topic whenever it is raised. “Racism exists in Canada. It is systemic and it is sneaky. Ignoring it in hopes that it will go away should no longer be seen as an acceptable solution. Fear or Friendship, it’s your choice.”

“The other day I met this young woman who is on income assistance, and who nonetheless keeps having a positive attitude and remains full of hope that someday she will get off the system. Her life is hard, and Community Services isn’t making it any easier for her,” writes Kendall Worth

Frequent contributor Tim Blades on living in poverty, his struggle with illness and mental health issues, and the urgent need to be compassionate and open with one another. “Now I want to delete that last paragraph. My heart is racing just from typing that last paragraph. While I want to be safe and delete that last paragraph, If I let go of that secret, it’s just one less thing for me to hold onto.”