PSA: We are calling on all Youth, African Nova Scotian Communities Members, Social Justice Groups, Activists, Churches, Organizations, 1st Nations, Unions and Allies in Nova Scotia and beyond: We, the Core Group of African Nova Scotians (CGANS) and Allies of New Glasgow and Halifax need your help, support and Activism to bring about change.

Please help raise a proper Legal Fund to Stop Alton Gas from destroying the Shubenacadie River! Mi’kmaq water protectors have the strongest rights to a clean river, but legal campaigns are expensive. Please help protect the water for all living beings and future generations.

As another April Fools’ Day is upon us, Nova Scotians find themselves not in the laughing mood at the latest joke being played on them by the McNeil government. On April 1, the minimum wage will be raised to $11.55 (for experienced workers), which hits well below the $15 recommended by advocates, and will do little to lift hard-working Nova Scotians out of poverty. Organized by the Fight for Fifteen and Fairness campaign, workers will hit the streets on Monday at 12pm at the Maritime Center (1505 Barrington Street) to demand a $15 minimum wage, as well as higher income assistance rates and greater benefits and protections for all workers.

PSA” An international day of action has been called for Saturday, March 30 to protest NATO and specifically to defend Venezuela against foreign interference by the U.S., Canada and other NATO members and allies.

News release: CSEP is disappointed that the government has decided to stick with their proposed 5% welfare rate increase for people with disabilities or those fleeing abuse (S.45 clients) and 2% for everyone else. “We are also very disappointed that the SHR and the increases will not come into effect until January 2020” said Stella Lord.