Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Brenda Thompson, author of Poor houses of Nova Scotia, on the only poor house in the province that segregated its residents based on the colour of their skins. Other poor houses did not allow the sexes to mix but allowed African-Nova Scotians and Mi’kmaq to live under one roof with white people. Not in Bridgetown though.

The mostly Black residents of the Town of Shelburne’s South End community continue to worry about water and they continue to worry about their health. “It’s still affecting the Black community, and it’s still environmental racism,” says Louise Delisle, who’s been fighting for change for a very long time..

Judy Haiven on Trudeau’s apology yesterday to the African Nova Scotian youths who were profiled while visiting the Parliament building in Ottawa.

PSA: “Tomorrow (Thursday Feb. 21), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to Halifax to apologize for anti-black remarks made on Parliament Hill. 400+ years of entrenched and systemic anti-black racism, 4 years in power, and just now we’re getting a visit behind closed doors? Anti-black racism cuts deep. Any apology without payment and full restitution is shallow.”