“Several African Nova Scotian HRM employees I spoke with compare their working conditions to the working conditions in the Southern United States of the 1950’s,” writes Raymond Sheppard. “In my humble opinion HRM has been singing the diversity song without learning the dance that goes along with it.”

I don’t often ask for help for an individual on this site, but I make an exception in this case involving my old friend Annie Clair who is trying to help her daughter deal with addiction.

John Clarke: “The cutting edge of his argument, however, was the undeniable fact that he is a white person who has been very seriously targeted by the cops over years of his life. So, we had the police brutality equivalent of a conversation about whether or not you can be said to enjoy white privilege if you are poor.”

Thandiwe McCarthy: “Who defines Blackness? It seemed everyone except my family in Woodstock was white and all those people I interacted with told me I was no different from them. So what makes me Black if the people in my life say it doesn’t matter?”