Matthew arrived at Emerald Hall, a locked unit at the Nova Scotia Hospital, when he was 19 years old. Now he is 31, still there, too heavily medicated, and his mother wants him out of there. Now Matthew is hinting that he is being mistreated.

Outright government-sanctioned racism is very much part of Black Canadian history. A recently published book talks about this godawful legacy. The Nova Scotia chapters make for a grim read.

“Time and again publics trust governments to ensure that companies operate with reasonable prudence. Time and again we are shocked by a new disaster caused by corporate negligence.”

An interview with Susan Dodd about her book on the Ocean Ranger disaster.

Back home the American owner of the Donkin mine is facing a mine closure, a potentially very costly dispute with shareholders, lawsuits, and a general move away from coal. No wonder its shares tumbled by 80 percent in 2015.