Reporter Rebecca Hussman with the second part of her series on sexual assaults in Nova Scotia. “There’s a whole societal change that needs to happen for victims to feel believed and supported enough to be able to report that to police.”

According to data gathered by journalists at the Globe and Mail, of all cases in the country, 12% of sexual assault cases were cleared as unfounded from 2010 to 2014. In Nova Scotia, in contrast, 25% of sexual assault cases were cleared as unfounded. The “Unfounded” classification means that police determined that the reported violation did not happen. Reporter Rebecca Hussman talks with the chiefs of police of the Truro, Amherst and Bridgewater detachments where the number of unfounded cases is exceptionally high. And we compiled a list with data from all police detachments in Nova Scotia.

Frequent Nova Scotia Advocate contributor Tim Blades on his experience with the wonderful Halifax Humanities program, and how it offers so much more than an educational experience alone. “Halifax Humanities takes people who might be socially isolated, and brings them together. Halifax Humanities, with its policy of accessibility and inclusion makes it all possible.”

This weekend we present a 20-minute documentary on the Hadhad family, Syrian refugees who arrived with nothing in Antigonish, and now run a successful chocolate business. Support by the good people of Antigonish was heartwarming to see.